About us

The Farm

Palace Farm is a rented farm on Lothian Estates in the Scottish Borders near Jedburgh. We took on the tenancy in November 2009. Palace is a mixed farm allowing us to grow both crops for sale and for our own feed as well as grass for the cattle. We grow Wheat, Barley, Oats and Grass in the rotation with grain being used for feed and straw for feed and bedding with the manure being returned to the fields.

isla feeding Alfie


Our story so far!

The Farnell herd was established
in February 2006 with the purchase of the foundation stock at the Perth sales
and since then we have added to the herd as the chance has arisen. The herd was
founded at Little Fithie in Farnell, Angus (hence the prefix). At this point
Alan was working as farms manager for Southesk farms and Kate was herding
children and feeding the cattle.

Robert and beatrix

The chance arose for us to take on the tenancy of Palace farm, so we moved lock, stock, cows, hens, dogs and children on 23rd
December 2009 in the hardest weather either of us can remember. All the
livestock seemed completely unphased by the move as they got better
accommodation than they had previously (the humans had Christmas out of boxes and the world’s smallest tree).

Picture gallery: our farm at a glance